Bang Bang Chicken


Bang Bang Chicken
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Bang Bang Chicken
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For Marination
For Coating
For Sauce
For Garnishing
  1. Marinate Chicken for one hour with the ingredients mentioned in "For Marination" section
  2. Chop onions, cucumber and dip them in vinegar
  3. In marinated chicken add one beaten egg
  4. Mix flour, corn flour and other spices mentioned in ingredients "For Coating" section
  5. Roll each chicken piece well in the coating mixture
  6. Heat the oil, and fry chicken pieces over medium low heat till golden and crisp
  7. Prepare sauce by mixing all the ingredients mentioned in "For Sauce" section
  8. Dip each fried chicken piece in the sauce, garnish with olives, spring onions. Serve with Lettuce Leaves
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