Yogurt Soup (Yayla Çorbası)


Yogurt Soup (Yayla Çorbası)
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Yogurt Soup (Yayla Çorbası)
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For Soup
For Topping
  1. In water add chicken and rice and cook it under pressure or as its convenient till you get 4 cups of chicken stock. Keep the stock on low flame
  2. Take out the chicken pieces from the stock and separate them from the bones. Shred the chicken pieces
  3. Add the shredded chicken to the stock
  4. In a bowl take yogurt, add yolks and flour to it
  5. Beat them well together in order to get a smooth mixture
  6. Take out some cooked stock and mix it in the yogurt mixture. Keep on adding more stock to the mixture little by little until the temperature of the yogurt mixture gets warm
  7. Now add this mixture to the cooking stock little by little while mixing it till all of it is added
  8. Add chicken cubes, thyme, black pepper, and basil leaves. Cook till the soup is thick according to your required consistency. Adjust salt level according to your taste
  9. For preparing topping, heat oil/butter over low heat and add garlic to it
  10. Add the rest of the ingredients mentioned in the topping section and cook over low flame so that the spices do not burn
  11. Pour out the soup in the bowl and pour in the topping
  12. Serve hot and enjoy 🙂
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Nov, 12, 2015