We bring you  scrumptious waffle recipe along with alternative for waffle maker. Make your breakfast special with this recipe 🙂

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For Batter
For Topping
  1. Mix all dry ingredients from the batter section.
  2. Separate egg white and yolk.
  3. Beat egg whites till they get stiff
  4. Add milk, oil, vanilla essence to the egg yolk
  5. Beat them together well
  6. Add the flour mixture (all dry ingredients) to this mixture
  7. Beat them well
  8. Fold this prepared mixture into the egg whites
  9. Turn on the waffle maker. Apply oil when its fully heated
  10. Pour appropriate amount of batter on to the molds (depending on your waffle maker). It usually varies from 3 tablespoons to 5 tablespoons
  11. Close the lid and wait for 4 - 6 minutes.
  12. After that check to see if they are cooked to your desired level. If yes, take them out and if no, close the lid again and wait for another 2 minutes
  13. Place the waffles on a wire rack to cool down a bit
  14. Serve with prepared sauce (mentioned below) and bananas.
  15. You can also use chocolate topping or honey. You can also use ice cream as a topping
Preparing Sauce
  1. If you are using cooking chocolate, melt it using microwave or in a pan.
  2. Add it to the cream and beat with vanilla essence, ground nuts and coffee
Alternate if Waffle Maker Not Available
  1. You can use a grill as an alternative to make waffles. Make sure that the grill you have is in regular use
  2. Generously oil the grill and heat the grill on very low flame
  3. Once heated, add appropriate amount of batter (depending on how big you want it). Keep the heat on low
  4. Check the edges to see if they have been cooked as desired. Carefully remove from all around the edges and flip the side
  5. Cook the other side as well
  6. Serve with your desired toppings
Alternate (Pancakes)
  1. You can also make pancakes using this batter if a waffle maker or grill isn't at hand
  2. Heat the pan on low heat and drizzle very little oil
  3. Pour out some batter and let it sit until bubbles are formed on top.
  4. Carefully flip the side and cook a little on low heat
  5. Serve with your favorite toppings
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