Sekh Kebab

Today we are presenting you the authentic recipe of Seekh Kebab with all the key ingredients that bring out the flavor in them.

Serve them with Green Chutney. The recipe has been linked.

Sekh Kebab
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Sekh Kebab
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Main Ingredients
Preparing Minced Meat
  1. Roast coriander, cumin and whole red chilies a little on a pan
  2. Grind it with the rest of whole spices
  3. Chop onions and drain them well by pressing them between the palm of your hands
  4. Chop the drained onion with green chilies, ginger and garlic
  5. Add Chopped onion mixture, all the spices, butter and all purpose flour to the minced meat. Adjust spices according to your taste
  6. Mix them well into the minced meat
  7. To cook these, the best option is to barbecue them. You can also bake them in your oven by making kebabs and putting them on a greased tray. Or you can also make them on a pan. The best way is barbecue. For that, follow the following steps
  8. Make your hands wet by using some water and then wrap some prepared meat around the rod
  9. Press it to make impression
Tips for making fire in Grill
  1. Its one of the most tricky parts in doing Barbecue . Using Kerosene Oil or petrol is not advisable to burn coals as it is dangerous and it leaves behind specific smell that will also be accumulated in your prepared meat
  2. Take your grill/ Angeethi to an open and airy space. Make two to three balls out of old news papers and place them over the grill. Now take thin and smaller pieces of coals and place them on top of the news paper
  3. Now burn the news papers from multiple sides and let it burn for a while. When you observe the fire is dying out then blow air over it. For best results you can use your hair dryer/blower. When you feel that fire is again started then stop blowing air and let the fire burn the coals. Repeat the step if fire dies out
  4. Add bigger chunks of coals over the burning coals. Start tapping the burning coals so that they break down. when all coals burn out to small pieces of whitish and orange color, your coal is ready.
  5. At this stage make sure the heat only escapes from top and not from sides.
  6. To check the Optimum Temperature to slowly cook your BBQ, place your hand on the height of skewers, count for five seconds and if on fifth seconds your hand can't handle the heat then that's the best temperature to slow cook your Barbecue
  1. Once you have the fire going as explained earlier, place the prepared skewers over the heat. Brush some oil over them
  2. After a few minutes flip the side and brush with oil again
  3. Keep flipping the sides every few minutes until the Seekh kebabs are done
  4. Serve hot with green Chuttney
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Oct, 06, 2015