Cucumber Sushi Rolls


Cucumber Sushi Rolls
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Cucumber Sushi Rolls
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For Filling
Dip Sauce
  1. Prepare dip sauce by mixing all the ingredients mentioned in "For Dip Sauce" section
  2. Marinate chicken for one hour with all ingredients mentioned in "For Filling" section except for mayonnaise
  3. Cook till chicken is dry
  4. Shred the chicken. You can also use it in stripes
  5. Add Mayonnaise and mix. You can also add some herbs to give flavor like oregano or thyme.
  6. Peel the cucumber and cut into 1-1/2 pieces.
  7. Cut thin sheet out of each piece as shown in picture
  8. You can also cut cucumber length wise and make thin sheet out of it
  9. Another option is to just scoop it out from the center
  10. Place some of the filling on the cucumber sheet also place some vegetables cut length wise as shown in picture
  11. Roll up the cucumber sheet and seal it with toothpick
  12. You can also use chicken strip and vegetable strips and roll it and then you can cut it into small portions
  13. Arrange rolls on a plate, drizzle some Dip sauce on it.
  14. Serve with Dip sauce
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Dec, 16, 2015