Crispy Spicy Chicken


Crispy Spicy Chicken
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Crispy Spicy Chicken
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For Chicken
For Coating
For Sauce
  1. Soak chicken in water with salt and baking soda for half an hour. Drain excess water. Don't over strain
  2. Add all coating ingredients mentioned in ingredients "For Coating Section" and mix well
  3. Heat oil and fry chicken in batches till they are slightly golden
  4. Take out and let them stay for 5 to 10 minutes. Again heat the oil and fry them for second time. Till they are golden and very crisp
  5. This step will give you very crispy chicken
  6. In 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil and oil, heat garlic and add all the sauces mentioned in ingredients "For Sauce" section except corn flour mixture. Bring the mixture to boil
  7. Add corn flour mixture and cook till thick. Adjust salt and spice level accordingly.
  8. Toss the fried chicken in it so that it is well coated with Sauce
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May, 22, 2016